BeawAI Solutions

BeawAI Trading Solutions

AI solutions for changing markets


Successful trading requires flexibility and speed over computational power. We develop nimble yet robust algorithms that use AI to quickly adapt to new market conditions.


AI generated daily and weekly signals with direction and confidence (example)

Supported platforms
Trading Bots


For Stocks and Crypto, ready-to-trade bots and tailored strategies


Develop, test and implement custom factors and signals

BeawAI Solutions


Using AI to adapt to new market conditions
Continuously learning from new market dataUsing Artificial Intelligence to improve its trading strategyLeveraging multiple market data sources to identify the best opportunities


Smart strategies instead of brute force calculations
Simple trading principles that don't require super-computersLightweight trading algorithms that are faster to test, deploy and improveAbility to develop, test and select multiple trading bots in parallel


Proven, stress-tested strategies to avoid false positives
Rigorous selection for live trading (less than 1% of developed bots)Dynamic and static safeguards to protect the capitalMarket neutral strategies

Supported platforms

Trading Signals

From $20/mth

Access to our AI-generated trading signals for Equities and Cryptos

  • Direction, confidence and accuracy

  • Hourly, Daily and Weekly signals

  • Based on proprietary AI-algorithms

Trading Bots

From $100/mth

Ready-to-trade AI bots for Equities and Crypto

  • Select your preferred asset and strategy

  • Deploy our bots immediately and connect it to your broker

  • Self-correcting, AI-based bots

Research and Prototypes

From $150/hr

Research, test and implement custom factors and strategies

  • Explore new factors and alternative data sources

  • Robust statistical tests to avoid strategy overfitting

  • Run multiple experiments

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